Tera Mai Reiki

Tera Mai Reiki Treatment

A deep and powerful non-invasive treatment. Working by re-aligning the bodies natural healing system.  Using a variety of techniques I work within and around your energy field, removing negative energy, unblocking your chakras and bringing harmony back into your body.

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Treatment                               1 hour     £65

Initial consultation               1.5 hours £95

Crystal Healing Therapy

Initial Consultation as above

Treatment                               1 hour   £75

Crystal Healing Therapy works by placing Crystals onto your corresponding chakras. We then work to clear each chakra removing deep rooted energy blockages. This treatment is a deep healing technique used to work at a high frequency of energy.
Trauma, Mental Health issues, Past Life are areas we can look at using this technique. It is a deep healing technique and one that has profound results.   
Energy Medicine 
Lunchtime Remedy.           Tera Mai Reiki     If time is limited I offer shorter sessions           
Chakra Balancing                Tera Mai Reiki     Time to rebalance and reset

40 minutes                                          £50

40 minutes                                       £50